Alec Kozak

Kozak Komiks


Kozak Komiks is the creative duo of brothers Alec Kozak and Stephen Kozak. Beginning primarily as Alec's brand to sell his art and self-created books at various shows across Arizona, Stephen soon joined due to his lack of talents and regular piggy-backing on his brother's success. Alongside the group's main comic, "Second Star," are other published works of Alec's including "Virus" Vol. 1 & 2, "The Quick-Witted and the Dead", and "Kozak Komiks Presents Shakespeare." Kozak Komiks also contributed to the Nine Inch Nails inspired compilation work "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" (a successfully funded Kickstarter trade paperback.) When not creating comics, you'll find Stephen lost in the wilderness of Tamriel, watching 80s action movies, or cuddling with his wife Michelle. If you're lucky, you'll find Alec drawing or painting until his hands and eyes bleed, because Stephen overworks him and he has little free time.