Dave Beaty

Artist - Batman Inc., Flashpoint: Wonder Woman, Brightest Day, Justice League of America


David “Dave” Beaty is a professional comic book artist. He is known mostly for his work with DC Comics where he worked on several high profile series such as Batman Inc (New York Times Best Seller), Flashpoint: Wonder Woman, Brightest Day (New York Times Best Seller), and Justice League of America.  Most Arizona comic book fans will know him for his independent hit series of the early 2000's, Bushi Tales, or his current labor of love Red Skirts! He is also a highly sought after sketch card artist and has worked on major sets featuring such fan favorite characters as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters, Spiderman, and the X-men.  You can learn more about Dave at his website, www.DaveBeaty.com, or by listening to him weekly on the Rogues Radio Podcast.