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Steffie Monster




My name is Stephanie I am a cosplayer in Kingman, Arizona. I am now 28 years old. I go to conventions all year long for fun or for work. I have been published multiple times in Cosplayzine. I love doing volunteer work, currently I have been helping out my local animal shelter trying to help get dogs and cats adopted. I am so lucky to have a child who helps push me to become the best cosplayer and parent I can be. Being a parent and cosplayer helps me cosplay on a budget and makes sure I am doing things for the community to help out people as much as possible. The main motto I always share with everyone is “Kindness is free, So give it away as much as possible.” I have been modeling from 2015 and building my cosplay career and kindness for almost 4 years.

I would love to do more events and talk about how you can cosplay on a budget and get your kids involved in this wonderful world of fandoms and comic books also about how being different is ok.

When I was 14 made my first costume ever for the midnight release of Star Wars Episode 3 I entered the costume contest and actually won. From then I was bit by the costuming bug. Finally when I was brave enough I decided to fully emerge into the crazy and fantastic world of cosplay and creating.

Arizona 2019 | January 11-12-13

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