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Todd McFarlane


Founder - McFarlane Toys; Creator - Spawn; Co-Founder - Image Comics; Co-Creator - Venom, Artist - Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman

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Todd McFarlane, Producer/Director and McFarlane Toys Creative Force

A risk-taker with an unerring instinct for success, Todd McFarlane has made a multi-million dollar empire with his unerring creative instincts. And long the way, has been a winner of hundreds of national and international awards, including Emmy, Grammy and MTV Music Awards.

The Grammy-and Emmy-winning producer/director McFarlane became a true comic book superstar from his record setting work on Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man franchise.  McFarlane co-created Venom, one of Marvel’s top villains and a Spider-Man fixture since he was introduced in 1988.

In 1992, he co-founded Image Comics, third largest comic publisher, serves as the president and he launched his own comic title, Spawn. The comic became an Emmy Award-Winning animated series on HBO and a New Line Cinema feature film that grossed more than $100 million.   McFarlane went on to director and produce award-winning and critically acclaimed projects for Warner Brother, Epic Records, Korn, Pearl Jam, Jodi Foster, Disturbed and Nelly Furtado.

2017 is the 25th anniversary of Image Comics and Spawn. The first issue of Spawn sold an unprecedented 1.7 million copies at the time it was released.  Since its debut, Spawn has continued to be a  fan favorite title around the world. Spawn is published in 10 languages and sold in 35 countries. Several spin-off titles have evolved from Spawn, including Sam and Twitch.  

In July 2017, Todd McFarlane  announced that and his entertainment division (McFarlane Films) is partnering with Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions, the producing force behind recent hits Get Out and Split and The Purge franchise, to develop a feature film around the Spawn comic character created by McFarlane and published by Image Comics. McFarlane has written the first draft of the screenplay and is set to make his directorial debut in this dark exploration of one of comics’ most popular characters.

In February 2017, the BBC announced a TV Series “Sam and Twitch” (based on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Comic Characters) and it’s attached to producer, director, writer Kevin Smith. McFarlane will serve as the executive producer.

In 1994, McFarlane founded the international award-winning McFarlane Toys – now one of North America’s top action figure manufacturer. A whirlwind of expansion in McFarlane’s companies followed: more comics, action figures, and award-winning entertainment projects which boasts over 150 licenses and is still growing.

In 2012 McFarlane’s original cover art from ‘Amazing Spider-man’ issue 328 sold for a record-smashing $657,250.

2017 marquee figure and construction lines including some of the hottest entertainment properties including Netflix’ Stranger Things, Destiny,  Star Trek: Discovery and ironic classic  Star Trek  TV series, Borderlands,  South Park, Rick and Morty,  Steven Universe, Five Nights at Freddy’s,  AMC’s The Walking Dead TV Series, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, EA Madden, as well as the officially licensed teams of the NFL and  NBA. For complete information on all things McFarlane, visit

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