Whether you’re interested in Panini Flawless cards or non-sports cards, there are plenty of online transactions to get involved in. In the latest trading card news, JAY-Z recently broke the all-time auction record for a non-sports trading card auction transaction. The trading card community was blown away when Goldin Auctions sold a 2005 Topps Chrome JAY-Z 1/1 Superfractor autograph for a whopping $105,780 USD.

Trading Card Industry Boom

When it comes to this one-of-a-kind 2005 Topps “Signs Of Stardom” card sale, things moved pretty quickly! The card’s initial price started with a minimum bid of $500 USD, but quickly moved into the six-figure range with just 49 bids. The unbelievable price this JAY-Z card sold for only further adds to the current hype building around trading cards for sale. Now more than ever there are new investors capitalizing on the trading card industry, not to mention the creation of new trading card startups.

Trading Card Grading Services

When it comes to card grading services, this JAY-Z card was given a Mint 9 Grading. Beckett Grading Service (BGS), one of the main companies used for trading card grading services, provided the grading for this JAY-Z trading card. Getting into the specifics on this card, the center of the card is a 9.5, the corners are a 9, the edges are rated at a 9.5 and the surface is a 9. 

The buyer can rest assured that the card is authentic as Hov's signature on the back of the card serves as the certificate of authenticity. Whether you’re looking for celebrity trading cards or Panini Flawless cards for sale, authenticity is important.

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