If you’re interested in everything from Fleer basketball cards to Topps baseball wax packs for sale, you’ll want to check out Alt – a new trading card startup that recently received $31 million from investors. The online trading card company provides a cutting-edge marketplace for the cards. Alt’s expertise lies in authenticating transactions and providing buyers with peace of mind that the card they’re purchasing is authentic. Alt is capitalizing in the trading card space, which is currently booming, in part due to a new generation of buyers.

Alt Trading Card Startup

Leore Avidar, CEO of Alt has a long history of interest in trading cards, having spent years collecting vintage baseball cards and participating in online trading card forums. Old time collectors and new ones alike have become active in today’s trading card market, creating a whole new level of business opportunity. If you’re interested in purchasing basketball card packs online, you’ll want to see what Leore is creating.

“I’ve talked with a lot of people in the community and one of the things I love is how intergenerational this is. I see a lot of kids and their parents doing this together.” says Avidar

Similar to when Goldin Auctions received investment for a majority stake in its business earlier this year, Alt is capitalizing on the trading card industry, which is taking off once again. Whether you’re collecting Topps baseball wax packs or basketball card packs for sale online, there is something for everyone. Leore Avidar’s vision for Alt is to increase transparency and liquidity in the trading card space. With the introduction of Alt, acquiring trading cards for investment will be as easy as using stock trading platforms like Robinhood.

Online Trading Cards for Sale

Alt’s business model is also unique in that it doesn’t require buyers to take possession of physical trading cards they purchase. Instead, users who are concerned about their purchases being lost or damaged over time can opt to have Alt store their physical cards in a temperature and light-controlled vault, free of charge.

Also unique to Alt will be the company’s trading card valuing tool. Similar to how the real estate site provides ‘Zestimates’ for homes, Alt’s site will provide approximate values for each of its product listings. This data will be based on historic transactions and the trending growth metrics. 

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