If we’ve learned anything from our recent ACE Breaks Fire Sale live streams, it’s clear that consumers have a growing interest in purchasing individual trading cards. With the recent uptick in the sports trading card market and online sports box breaks, many trading card companies are adding new products to their lineup.

New Topps Trading Card Design

If you’ve long been a fan of Topps baseball wax packs, Topps basketball cards and even trending football packs, you’ll want to get up to speed on all things Topps. In recent news, Topps is expanding its football trading card business in developing a special set of 50 Trevor Lawrence cards that will be sold directly to consumers in packs starting April 2021.

This Clemson star quarterback is expected to be this year’s number one draft pick. As a personal touch, the star’s sister-in-law and brother designed 20 of the cards. The remaining 30 cards were inspired by previous Topps designs.

“We always try to celebrate and chronicle what’s going on in sports and pop culture,” Jeff Heckman, Global Director of eCommerce for Topps said. “This is the first time we’ve done anything like this.”

Topps Trading Cards for Sale Online

Topps will be selling these cards directly to consumers, bypassing the need for other distribution channels and allowing for a faster turnaround from ideation to production. The online boom combined with recent increased interest in Topps baseball wax packs for sale, along with other sports, Topps’ direct-to-consumer business has grown 400% over the last five years. 

This trading card boom is leading to record-breaking trading card sales at the auctions. Earlier this year a Kobe Bryant rookie card sale came in just under $1.8 million. Vintage baseball cards for sale and exciting basketball packs alike are flying off the shelves. By partnering with artists and thinking creatively, Topps is staying ahead of the competition.

Sports Trading Cards For Sale From ACE Breaks

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