Don Cheadle Confirmed for ACE ASSIST!


Don Cheadle for ACE ASSIST

On the Rhodey again! 
We are so excited to announce our next Autograph Send-In Service, in partnership with KLF Sports, will be with none other than Academy & Emmy Award Nominee Don Cheadle! Send-In partners (listed below) are bow taking orders.


  • ACE ASSIST Autograph sessions continue to let you send-in your most prized possessions and get more out of your autograph experience!
  • In addition to Autographs, we are offering personalizations (To Don), character names (War Machine) and quotes (up to six words - i.e. “Did we get 'em all?"). Additional fees apply for the above. Please note both BAS & CGC Signature Series Witnesses are available.
  • Spots are extremely limited, so you must act quickly! You must order from one of our exclusive partners below! If you don’t have an item to send in, but would like to purchase an autograph, our partners have many specialty items for sale. Please check their pages for details!


    You can make a purchase with our ACE Official Send-In Partners below: 

    Celebrity Send-Ins

    Official Pix

    The Comic Monster


    Twin Cities Comics

    Monopoly Events (Eurpoean Orders Only)

    Cardboard Capes

    East Coast Collector's Service